Pedagogical faculty of foreign languages

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Teach Yourself English Grammar as a Foreign / Second LanguageСсылка
English for Everyone: Level 4: Advanced, Course Book: A Complete Self-Study ProgramСсылка
Practical Everyday English: Advanced Vocabulary, Phrasal Verbs, Idioms and ExpressionsСсылка

Faculty of Translation and Philology

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Translation Theories, Strategies And Basic Theoretical Issues By Prof. A. B. As-Safi Petra UniversityСсылка
Interpretation Techniques with the Content Module: Translation in Economic and Business Spheres : lecture notes / compilers O. O. Zhulavska, V. S. Kulish.Ссылка
Thinking Italian Translation A Course in Translation Method: Italian to English Sàndor Hervey, Ian Higgins, Stella Cragie and Patrizia GambarottaСсылка
How to Learn Philology — Forgotten BooksСсылка
English For Philology (NguyenThiBichThuy)Ссылка
Classical Philology. Vol. 99. Number 1 (Shadi Bartsch)Ссылка
The Language of Literature: Linguistic Approaches to Classical Texts (Amsterdam Studies in Classical Philology — Vol. 13) (Rutger J. Allan, Michel Buijs)Ссылка

Faculty of International relations

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International Relations EDITED BY STEPHEN McGLINCHEYСсылка
Signature Pedagogies in International Relations EDITED BY JAN LÜDERTСсылка
Regional Security in the Middle East Sectors, Variables and Issues EDITED BY BETTINA KOCH AND YANNIS A. STIVACHTISСсылка
New Perspectives on China’s Relations with the World National, Transnational and International EDITED BY DANIEL JOHANSON, JIE LI & TSUNGHAN WUСсылка
Conflict and Diplomacy in the Middle East External Actors and Regional Rivalries EDITED BY YANNIS A. STIVACHTISСсылка
International Relations EDITED BY STEPHEN McGLINCHEYСсылка
Introduction to international relations M. Cox with R. CampanaroСсылка

Faculty of Management and International Communications

STEPHEN P. ROBBINS San Diego State University DAVID A. DECENZO Coastal Carolina University MARY COULTER Missouri State University
The Management Handbook For UN Field MissionsСсылка
Conflict Management and Intercultural Communication: The Art of Intercultural HarmonyСсылка
New Interchange 2 English for International Communication. Student’s BookСсылка
Intercultural Communication Building a Global Community Fay Patel Mingsheng Li Prahalad SooknananСсылка
Internationalizing “International Communication”Ссылка
MASS COMMUNICATION THEORY Foundations, Ferment, and FutureСсылка
McQuail’s Mass Communication TheoryСсылка
MASS COMMUNICATION THEORY Foundations, Ferment, and Future SEVENTH EDITION Stanley J. Baran, Ph.D. Bryant University Dennis K. Davis, Ph.D. Pennsylvania State UniversityСсылка
Understanding Media and Culture: An Understanding Media and Culture: An Introduction to Mass Communication Introduction to Mass CommunicationСсылка
Understanding Media and Culture: An Introduction to Mass CommunicationСсылка
Media & Culture Mass Communication in a Digital Age Tenth Edition 2016 Update Richard Campbell Miami University Christopher R. Martin University of Northern Iowa Bettina Fabos University of Northern IowaСсылка
Editors Roman Egger, Igor Gula and Dominik Walcher Open Tourism Open Innovation, Crowdsourcing and Co-Creation Challenging the Tourism Industry 1st ed. 2016Ссылка
Tourism and Sustainability Development, globalisation and new tourism in the Third World Fourth edition Martin Mowforth and Ian MuntСсылка
Tourism Management, Marketing, and Development Performance, Strategies, and Sustainability Edited by Marcello M. Mariani , Wojciech Czakon , Dimitrios Buhalis , and Ourania VitouladitiСсылка
Ana María Campón-Cerro José Manuel Hernández-Mogollón José Antonio Folgado-Fernández Editors Best Practices in Hospitality and Tourism Marketing and Management A Quality of Life PerspectiveСсылка
Be My Guest. English for the Hotel Industry. Student’s BookСсылка
Hotel and Resort English. English Lesson Plans for the Hospitality IndustryСсылка
Hotels and Resorts: Planning, Design and RefurbishmentСсылка

Faculty of International law and Economics

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Political Geography World-Economy, Nation-State and LocalityСсылка
THE WORLD ECONOMY TODAY: Major Trends and DevelopmentsСсылка
THE WORLD ECONOMY: Global outlook overviewСсылка
World Economic Situation ProspectsСсылка
Back to Basics: Economic concepts explainedСсылка
An Introduction to International Economic Relations Edited by Yuriy Kozak, Temur ShengeliaСсылка
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