Rights andobligations of users and libraries

Users have the right:
1.1 Use basic types of library and information services free of charge;
1.2 Receive books and any other sources of information for temporary use at the lending library; 1.2 Receive books and any other sources of information for
1.2 Receive books and any other sources of information for temporary use on loan;
1.3 receive consultative assistance in searching and selecting information sources;
1.4 leave feedback, comments, suggestions on the library’s work in the “Book of Complaints and Suggestions”.
Users are obliged to:
2.1 Familiarize themselves with and comply with the Rules of Library Use.
2.2 Present their ID-card upon request of the library staff;
2.3 hand in their outer clothing and large bags to the checkroom;
2.4 show ID-card to get literature in the halls and on loan;
2.5 check personal data carriers (flash drives, disks) for viruses when using them;
2.6 treat books, other printed materials and library property with care;
2.7 in case of property damage (equipment, machinery, furniture, etc.) restore its full value at his/her own expense;
2.8 return the received publications within the established terms or extend the terms of use of books on loan in a timely manner;
2.9 if a book is lost or damaged, compensate for the damage with a similar book or an edition recognized by the library as equivalent in the amount of “a book for a book”.
Attention! The library employee is prohibited to accept cash payment, in case of such a situation, it is necessary to address the administration: office CC № 3, office 107 or leave a complaint in the “Book of Complaints and Suggestions” with the name of the employee. 2.10 in case of non-compliance with the above rules the user may be partially or fully restricted access to the library services;
2.11 persons who violated the rules of use or caused damage to the LIC bear administrative, civil (material) liability in the forms provided for by the current legislation and the Rules of Library Use.
The user is prohibited to:
3.1 to use someone else’s document to obtain literature;
3.2 for using another person’s document the user is restricted access to the library;
3.3 take out literature from the library that is not registered to him/herself;
3.4 talk loudly, use the telephone in sound mode, bring food and coffee into the reading rooms;
3.5 to use scissors, razors, glue in the reading rooms, to spoil library publications, to make marks, underline, bend pages, cut and tear out sheets;
3.6 If a reader damages books, magazines and other publications (tearing out pages), access to the library is restricted;
3.7 to enter without authorization the service rooms, auxiliary fund of the book depository;
3.8 take photos and videos of the LIC premises and materials. Photography and videotaping are only allowed with the permission of the LIC administration.
Rights and duties of LIC employees
Employees are obliged to:
4.1 serve readers in accordance with the Regulations on the BIC;
4.2 inform readers about all types of services provided;
4.3 provide readers with an opportunity to use all the library’s collections;
4.4 popularize its collections and services, develop and encourage interest in books;
4.5 improve library and information services to readers by introducing advanced technologies;
4.6 create and maintain comfortable conditions in the library for the work of readers;
4.7 be responsible for the safety of its collections.

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