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ZakonkzКазахстанский информационный порталwww.
GarantruИнформационно-правовой портал Гарант
КонсультантИнтернет-версии системы КонсультантПлюс
КлиникаКлиническое юридическое образование
Library GenesisThe largest library of
Z-библиотекаThe world’s largest library of
twirpxEverything for the student.  Registration is
bookboonIt is possible to download e-books for free and without
ebooksBooks in English without
Open Access
Theses and Dissertations
Open Access Theses and
AUPThe library contains electronic textbooks, methodological materials and scientific monographs on the issues of economics, finance, management and marketing at the
Find open access journals & articlesDOAJ Accumulates access to journals publishing works of scientific and research character in all branches of knowledge and in all languages.(Directory of Open Access Journals)
Swedish University DissertationsA collection of Swedish full-text doctoral dissertations in European and Oriental languages. About half of the works are in open
Business Ready (B-READY)A collection of annual (since 2004) surveys conducted by the World Bank in over 180 countries to measure the ease of doing business. Detailed methodology and commentary on selected data are
Сборник GoogleGoogle Compendium, where you can read or review millions of titles for
NatureOne of the oldest and most authoritative general scientific journals – Nature. Publishes research on a wide range of issues, mostly in the natural sciences. The depth of the archives: 1869 г. – to the present. Access to the archives until 2010 without time
Национальное бюроThe National Bureau of Economic Research (USA) provides access to the proceedings of the Bureau’s annual meetings and some research on economic
Open Knowledge RepositoryPublications of the World
Open text bookOpen library of textbooks in economics, math, science and humanities. Textbooks are reviewed by professors from various colleges and universities to assess their quality. The library is maintained by the University of
Oxford University PressOxford University Press
CJOCJO – a product of the authoritative Cambridge University Press, which includes about 300 of the publisher’s journals of various subjects, virtually all publications in the social sciences and
«Science»«Science» − is a multidisciplinary journal of natural sciences. Includes articles, reviews of the latest developments in natural and applied sciences, covers and comments on the news of the scientific world. Depth of the archives: 1880 г. – to the present. Access to archives up to 1997 without time
NameBrief Description of Internet-LibrariesLink
Kazakhstan national
digital library
Collection of Kazakhstan libraries electronic copies of book editions of
including: National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Almaty
Scientific Center of the Eurasian National University
Named after Gumilyov “Отырар кітапханасы”
regional libraries, university libraries and personally from authors: famous scientists,
writers, public figures.
Portal “Әдебиет”Interne- library of works of Kazakhstan authors.
The purpose of the Internet portal is to popularize Kazakh culture and the state language not only in Kazakhstan, but also abroad, by increasing interest in Kazakh literature.
World digital libraryThe World Digital Library is the world’s cultural heritage treasures collected on one site, such as manuscripts, maps, rare books, musical scores, recordings, films, photographs, photographs and architectural drawings.
CyberLeninkaElectronic library of scientific articles
Presidential Library named after YeltsinPresidential Library named after Yeltsin was created in 2009. Today the resource has the status of the National Library of

Dictionaries and encyclopedias

Online dictionary-translatorKazakh-Russian, Russian-Kazakh electronic dictionary posted on the Internet.
Contains over 60,000 entries for each direction of translation.
Google translatorThe free Google service allows you to instantly translate words, phrases and web pages from English to over 100 languages and vice versa.
Cambridge English Dictionary and ThesaurusA popular dictionary and thesaurus for English learners. Definitions and meanings of words with pronunciation and translations.
AcademicianPresented are: modern encyclopedia; explanatory dictionaries of Dahl, Ozhegov, Ushakov; Encyclopedia of Brockhaus and Efron; Muller’s English-Russian Dictionary; large encyclopedic, financial, economic dictionaries; English-Russian dictionary of financial terms; historical dictionary; 1000 biographies.
Around the worldThe Krugosvet encyclopedia is an updated and revised edition in Russian translation of the Collier’s Encyclopedia, published in the USA in 1952-1998. Contains articles on the following sections: history, humanities, culture and education, science and technology, earth sciences, countries of the world.

Academic Resources

Scientific and technical journal “Science News of Kazakhstan”Contains scientific articles of a fundamental and applied nature, review works of domestic and foreign authors with a methodological and methodical focus. Area of publications: informatics, construction, mechanical engineering, agriculture and forestry, ecology, economics, earth sciences, chemistry, biology, food and processing industries, water and fisheries, cybernetics
Abhinav Commerce And Management Arts And Education Science And TechnologyThe site contains articles about art, scientific achievements, engineering, trade and the latest technologies in the field of education. Book reviews, news, interviews of famous figures are also published here.
AfricanJournalsOnLine (AJOL)A site that presents scientific journals on a wide range of natural and humanitarian disciplines. It is the world’s largest and most prominent collection of peer-reviewed, Afro-published scientific journals.
Digital Access to Scholarship at HarvardOpen electronic archive of Harvard University: more than 13 thousand different types of scientific works (dissertations, books, articles, student work in economics, law, medical sciences, pedagogy, etc.).
Free-ebooks.netFiction and popular science publications presented in the electronic version. Books by famous authors of various genres, audiobooks, scientific articles. The site contains thematic catalogs and sections.
International Scientific PublicationsCollection of peer-reviewed scientific journals in open access. Articles on ecology and safety, economics and business, problems in the field of education and the latest developments.
Marshall University ThesesElectronic collection of graduate works and dissertations.
SpringerOpenSpringer Open Access Journals
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ZurichAccess to the full text of digitized Swiss journals from various fields of science and technology.
PinakesThe Heriot-Watt University of Edinburgh, page providing quick access to a variety of thematic and polythematic portals.

Resources for subjects


Portal “History of Kazakhstan”Official web portal. The site was created for those who are interested in this area of knowledge and want to know more about the history of the formation of our country, as well as for teachers, schoolchildren, university students, colleges, researchers, young professionals. It contains a lot of useful and interesting information about the history of Kazakhstan.
EuropeanacollectionsDigitized objects of cultural heritage of European countries (works of art, objects of material culture, books, audio and video recordings).
ХроносThe World History. Historical sources, genealogy, library, dictionaries and indexes, historical encyclopedias, articles, maps, projects.
History of the world, encyclopedias.


Philosophy Here are the works of philosophers of the past (the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, medieval theologians Aurelius Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Pierre Abelard, French enlightenment philosophers Denis Diderot, Voltaire, the German philosopher Hegel, etc.), as well as modern thinkers.
Stanford Encyclopedia of PhilosophyStanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Economics, management, marketing

Encyclopedia of MarketingElectronic library for marketing. Articles and books on marketing. Marketing research. Software. Seminars and conferences. Marketing periodicals. Marketing bibliography.


PsychologyThe psychological educational site contains useful information (tests, trainings, books, dictionaries, works of famous psychologists, psychology news links) for everyone who receives psychological education, is interested in psychology or is professionally engaged in it.

Information and educational portals

Information and educational portalsInformation and educational portal for parents, students and teachers.
The site “ Educational community of Kazakhstan “Useful tips for effective preparation for the Unified National Testing and intermediate state control, information about universities and the conditions of admission; announcements of grants and competitions; search of vacancies, answers to questions of entrants.
National scientific portal of the Republic of KazakhstanA multifunctional web portal where representatives of the Kazakhstan and world scientific community can find the information they need about the state of Kazakhstan science, the latest events, achievements and upcoming scientific events, information about world scientific publications, how to get access to them and much more.​

Online training

Khan AcademyThe Khan Academy website is a non-profit educational organization founded in 2006 by the graduater MIT and Harvard Salman Khan. The site provides access to a collection of over 4,200 free microlectures in mathematics, history, health and medicine, finance, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, economics, cosmology, organic chemistry, American citizenship, art history, macro and microeconomics , computer science. Many of them are available in Russian.

Free booking apps in English and other languages

HomeLibraryA very handy app for reading books that contains over 2400 classics of English literature and covers almost all genres: fiction, philosophical treatises, memoirs, children’s books and others.СкачатьприложениедляAndroid  
FanFictionCurrently, the application gives access to 150,000 stories and every day there are more and more of them. All stories are the property of their respective owners and have been submitted by them personally to the archive, so the reader is exposed to a free world of English literature.Скачать приложение для Android и iOs
WattpadThis is more than 10 million free books and stories of various genres and trends: science fiction, fantasy, detective stories, romance novels, thrillers, fanfiction and more. So that every reader can find something to their liking.Скачать Android и iOS
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