Choosing a relevant topic with the help of Scopus

On September 22, 2023, our university held a seminar with Elsevier consultant of Central Asia and Azerbaijan-Rabiga Hozhamkul. The topic of the seminar was “Choosing a relevant topic with the help of Scopus”. The seminar was attended by university professors, doctoral students, master’s students and bachelor’s students.
The following questions were discussed during the seminar:
1.How to choose a relevant topic in your research area to increase the visibility of your article with Scopus.
2.Article metrics and analytical tools in Scopus to determine the popularity of an article.
3.Scopus tools for finding research on SDG.
4.Science Direct tools to learn about research in the field of SDG.
5.Elsevier and RELX tools for analyzing SDG research.
The speaker answered all questions and awarded certificates.
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