Networking meeting “A book that influenced my life”

Many people face a lot of difficulties on their way: it can be a crisis of ideas, lack of money and time, or even laziness. Of course, each person most often copes with these difficulties independently, but there are other people who have gone through similar things – they know how to act in a similar situation and are ready to share their experience with other people who need advice. Of course, and wise book, becomes the best helper to learn from other people’s experience and avoid mistakes, to become successful and happy.

One of such successful people is the sponsor of the new intellectual club «The best version of yourself»  Azamat Serikkanovich Utenov.

The purpose of our club is to increase the prestige of the book, to instill skills to reading, to develop creative thinking. 

In the Library and Information Center, on October 24, 2023, the first meeting with our sponsor on the theme “The book that influenced my life” was held. The meeting was attended by students and faculty from our university. During the meeting, each participant asked the speaker interesting questions and told about the book that influenced their lives.

Azamat pleased us  with priceless gifts – books. And at the end of our meeting, he gave books on personal development to the students who took an active part in the discussion of this topic.     

The meeting was held in a cordial, warm atmosphere!
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