«EBSCO electronic resources for use in scientific and educational process»

Dear teachers and students!

Please be informed that on Friday, September 22 at 11-00 will be held a training seminar “EBSCO electronic resources for use in scientific and educational process”.

Location: Assembly Hall, Main study building.

The seminar includes two parts: the first part is devoted to the overview of EBSCO electronic resources. During the second part, the EBSCO host platform will be demonstrated, methods of searching and working with scientific information will be discussed.
In particular, during the practical part of the seminar you will learn:
1 how to compose a search query in order to get the most accurate search results
2 what limiters and extenders you can use when working with resources
3 how to upload, send, quote, export found material
4 why you need a personal account on the platform
5 peculiarities of working with e-books and much more.
The webinar is conducted by Alexander RYTOV – EBSCO regional representative in Kazakhstan.
Attendance is mandatory!
Webinar presenter: Alexander RYTOV, Regional Representative of
EBSCO / arytau@ebsco.com

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