Networking meeting – “Emotional Intelligence”

On April 23, the Library and Information Center hosted a networking meeting with Mr. Azamat Utenov and psychologist Kamelova Zhanat, within the framework of the “The best version of yourself” club. The theme of the meeting was “Emotional intelligence”.
The purpose of the meeting is to introduce students to reading, as well as introduce students to the types of emotions and give advice on how to work with them.
For this purpose, the speakers explained the importance of emotional intelligence, using the books from the library’s collection. During the meeting, the speakers discussed with the students how to correctly express your emotions in difficult life situations . Other than that, the video and presentation about emotions was shown, students answered entertaining questions asked by the speaker and shared their thoughts. At the end of the meeting, the students talked about their favorite books and book preferences. As a tradition, Mr. Azamat presented books to the students who took an active part during the meeting

Mr. Azamat Utenov
Kamelova Zhanat
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