The work of the Austrian poet, writer Erika Mitterer

On February 7, 2024 at 11:00 was held an event dedicated to the work of the famous Austrian poet and writer Erika Mitterer.
Students of the Pedagogical faculty and the pedagogical college of our university took part in the event. The scientific supervisor of the Austrian library Shpikbaeva B.Zh. made a brief report on Erika Mitterer.
Video about the poet was shown on the screen, and a Erika Mitterer poetry reading contest was carried out among students. Requirements of the contest: expressive reading of the poet’s poem by heart, translation into Kazakh or Russian and presentation of his or her own understanding of the poem (interpretation).
The course and results of the contest were sent to Vienna, to the son of the poet, the editor-in-chief of the literary magazine called “Zaunkönig”, Mr. M. Petrovsky. Mr. M. Petrovsky will appoint a cash prize for the first three winners. The work of the student who won the first place will be published in the journal.
Competition winners:

  1. Fam Dana – 1- place
  2. Bayanov Bekzat – 2 -place
  3. Каtieva Zara – 3 -place
  4. Zhandarbek Ayim – 4-palce
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