Saken Seifullin – 130 years old

22.02.2024 at 12:00 o’clock in the “Red” assembly hall of the main academic building was held a literary and musical evening on the theme “White Falcon of Kazakh literature”, dedicated to the 130th anniversary of Saken Seyfullin. The evening, organised by the staff of the Library and Information Centre, was attended by 1st year students of the Faculty of International Relations, Law and Business of our university.

At the literary and musical evening the students read S. Seifullin’s poems, showed scenes from the poet’s life and works. Dances and songs written on the poet’s verses were performed.

 During the evening, organised to glorify and popularise the respected member of the “Alash” party Saken Seyfullin, the audience were asked intellectual questions about the life and works of Saken Seyfullin in the form of a game. Prizes were awarded to the winners!
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